More than 1.8 million Australians living in regional areas listen to ARCN’s reports each week.

National listeners survey
McNair Ingenuity Research 2016


About us

ARCN is the only private company generating agricultural news content for radio in regional Australia. For more than 35 years we have been working with businesses and individuals to bring daily high quality news reports to our listeners’ farms, offices, homes, cars, tractors, and shearing sheds across Australia.

We need you   

Our team produces four news reports daily for more than 180 radio stations. We provide these at no charge, as we believe access to high quality local news should not cost stations or listeners.

We are able to continue this news service thanks to sponsorships.

Why Sponsorships

A sponsorship is more than a way to access a key demographic or our listeners. It is about supporting Australian farmers, businesses and people living and working in rural areas.

Each report has only one sponsor. Their message is read by our news reporter at the end of the news while the audience is most engaged.

ARCN welcomes sponsors for the various news services that are provided to rural Australia. Our recent restructure has provided numerous opportunities for commercial organisations to have a presence with consumers. ARCN news service reaches almost 2 million rural listeners as they tune in to catch the news from early in the morning to lunchtime.


The investment in radio news sponsorship allows commercial operators to have exposure to a ready and listening audience. The busy rural sector is more likely to listen to a radio news bulletin than browse through the newspaper or internet. A connection with a reliable news service places your company in a unique and positive market position.

  • Create interest in your products and services
  • Name recognition to the highly desirable rural audience during primetime news.
  • Associate your business with quality news bulletins
  • Invest in the rural community by supporting ARCN
  • Promote your business regionally, Statewide and nationally.

Our Audience

ARCN coverage is to rural Australia – covering 152 radio stations – mostly in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

The 2016 McNair Ingenuity Research Listener Survey details that of our 2 million weekly listeners:

– 861,000 people tune in just to hear our news.
– 215,000 are professional, manager, executive, farm owners
– 232,000 earn more than 60k a year.


ARCN Stations map


“The station plays your reports every day at 5:45am when farmers are heading out, 9am, and then at 12:15 when they stop for lunch. The positive feedback from local farmers, graziers and stock and station agents has been quite remarkable since we started taking the reports in March 2002.”

John Elliot
President, 4CCC Rainbow FM, Warwick, Queensland