rural livestock report

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What is it about

Rural Livestock Report provides the latest round-up from significant cattle, sheep and lamb markets. The trends can be indicative of the state of the Australian livestock market in general, and also reflect local events, factors and prices.

Who listens

If you are a buyer or seller of livestock, we have the information and price trends you need to know.
This report is also keenly followed by those in other rural industries.


Played up to three times a day during peak listening periods.

Length: 2.5 minutes
Covers: 154 stations
Sponsors: 7 second tagline

“We know that farmers have the radio on during the day, whether they are mustering or on the tractor. We see this as a really good way to access our key customers and clients.  We really appreciate the work that ARCN does in spreading the word about SRS and all the work that we are doing.”

Ian Smith
CEO of the SRS Merino Group