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Radio you trust

We are proud to be Australia’s only independently owned and controlled rural radio news network. Our news reports are heard by more than 1.6 million listeners each week across the country.

Click to download a PDF of the 2012 McNair Ingenuity Community Radio National Listeners Survey.


Accurate reporting

For over 35 years our reporters have delivered current and relevant news to people living and working in regional Australia. Our team uses the latest data and press releases from major rural groups, industry, and government bodies to paint an accurate picture of current agricultural affairs.


Daily updates

Our four news reports are produced daily and played by more than 150 radio stations throughout rural Australia.

Supporting our Aussie farmers and their communities puts a smile on our face.


Map showing our station distribution

“ARCN has had a lifelong experience in rural industries giving them an innate understanding of what is really going on. The other thing about ARCN is that they, like me, are independent.”

Brett Stevenson
Managing Director, AgRisk Management